RoadLaunch - Techapeek Article

Great article that notes and our use of IBM Blockchain Smart Contracts for Intelligent Logistics. Thanks to Techapeek and their slogan is correct, "build it and they will come"!

FactR - Listed on several Stellar based exchanges (DEX)

FactR on several exchanges now (Stellar DEX)! check out today for details.

#FTR Token for Logistics, Get 10 free FTR when creating a trust line here:

RoadLaunch - Nokia OpEN Ecosystem

Pleased to report that RoadLaunch has been published tot he Nokia OpEN Ecosystem as a solutions partner!

Please visit for details.

RoadLaunch - Colorado Springs Innovation Forum (IBMCloud)

#IBMCloud and the Colorado Springs Innovation Forum. #RoadLaunch shown today and on a panel for Industry Disruptors!

#Blockchain #Stellar #SCM #logistics #SmartContracts #IBM

RoadLaunch & FactR - IBM Innovation Forum (Toronto)

The RoadLaunch and FactR team at IBM Innovation Forum in Toronto. Great event and able to showcase our new products including FactR wallet, and TrueFreight for audit, settlement and reconciliation

#amazing #ibminnovate #Blockchain #logistics #token #digitalwallet

RoadLaunch | Infiniti - Our Startup Journey

RoadLaunch | Infiniti - Our Startup Journey.
An awesome view into the RoadLaunch Journey as a startup and how Infiniti Lab help us refine our offering and accelerate our growth into new markets & with new products

IBM Innovation Forum - RoadLaunch

Pleased to report RoadLaunch and team invited to the 2018 IBM Innovation Forum!  We will be able to share the stage and showcase some of work on Intelligent Logistics, Blockchain Smart Contracts and alignment to our new Digital Wallet Solution for Smart Settlement, FactR!