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RoadLaunch - Canada Trade Commission Office in Taiwan

RoadLaunch invited to present to over 6 Asia based countries at the Canada Trade Commission office in Taipei, Taiwan.  This meeting led to the introduction of several key organzations in decentralized networks for IoT, AI enbaled transportation and the Taipei Smart Cities PMO. some of these included Microsoft, GemTeks, Foxconn, Cathay, Walden, IOT, & ITIC.

Taipei, Taiwan - Mayor Ko

RoadLaunch and the leadership team was able to successfully bring the brand and products to Taiwan and meet the Mayor. Cory Skinner of RoadLaunch was able to meet 1-1 with Mayor Ko and discuss transportation, Logistics, IoT, AI, and the Smart Cities initiative in Taipei at a fireside chat.


RoadLaunch - November Spotlight - Innovation Factory (iF)

RoadLaunch Featured in the November edition of the Innovation Factory (iF) spotlight

RoadLaunch is a Canadian-based software and service startup, changing the way digital freight is managed. The principle of digital freight is simple: companies use digital platforms to match a Shipper’s freight with available Carrier capacity. The goal is to better utilize motor carrier capacity.