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Reddit / R/Stellar Port

Awesome post on r/Stellar discussing FactR Pay and RoadLaunch - Smart Digital Logistics ! Thanks to the hashtag#Stellar team for the support and allowing us to elevate our position!

RoadLaunch builds intelligent transportation management solution on IBM Cloud

RoadLaunch builds intelligent transportation management solution on IBM Cloud

“Where is my freight?” “Where’s my truck?”
In the transportation and logistics industry, there are a lot of moving parts. What might seem linear and simple can quickly become complicated and messy.
RoadLaunch is a startup company that’s shaking up the transportation industry with its intelligent transportation management system for end-to-end logistics.
Matching freight with trucks in near real time RoadLaunch uses intelligent tools to match freight with trucks and trailers in near real time. Shippers and carriers can connect easily using first-of-a-kind technology integrations.
When a shipper wants to connect with a carrier, he can open up a web browser and speak to the RoadLaunch system: “Where is the nearest carrier?” The system uses artificial intelligence to understand and process natural language.

RoadLaunch - SeaRates Enter Memorandum of Understanding

RoadLaunch, the next generation intelligent digital logistics platform, is pleased to announce entering an Memorandum of Understanding with SeaRates (

The platforms are highly complementary to each other – while RoadLaunch, an IBM certified solutions partner, provides a platform for intelligent logistics, enabled with IoT-driven smart contracts and FactR, a Stellar based digital wallet.

The ecosystem supports end-to-end supply chain functions from logistics procurement, Sea/Air/Ground freight service to real-time tracking and visibility throughout the entire supply chain and transport processes.  Smart contracts provide a secure, traceable document flow and exchange on the Blockchain platform, coupled with instant settlement, audit and reconciliation functions.

Cory Skinner, Founder & CEO RoadLaunch, notes: “SeaRates is a proven platform that provides visibility to instant quotes for multi-model freight, on a global scale. RoadLaunch is pleased to bring certified car…

New Partnership — BitNautic joins hands with RoadLaunch

The two companies have started collaborating and pooling their resources with the objective of bringing logistics management to the next level.

We’re happy to announce a new partnership, RoadLaunch, with BitNautic, have entered a Memorandum of Understanding to lay the foundations of a long and productive collaboration.

RoadLaunch/FactR - IERG - Demystifying Blockchain - a case study in supply chain and logistics

Pleased and honored to be invited to this IERG event and share the RoadLaunch/FactR story.

Registration is now open for December 12: Demystifying Blockchain - a case study in supply chain and logistics available here:


New Partnership - RoadLaunch, FactR and Bitnautic

The RoadLaunch and FactR team is pleased to announce we have entered an Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) with Bitnautic ( to align global sea freight and freight terminals with RoadLaunch for Blockchain enabled ground freight and instant settlement.
BitNautic is a decentralized platform, based on the Ethereum Blockchain, for matching demand and supply of shipping services, for all the industry stakeholders: producers of goods, ship owners, charterers, brokers, importers and exporters. BitNautic comes with distinctive features like AI (Artificial Intelligence) based booking system, a real-time tracking of ships and cargo, and a wholesale e-commerce platform.
RoadLaunch is digitizing freight logistics with a new Blockchain based intelligent Logistics Platform.  Our mission is to bring decentralized, immutable Blockchain technologies to the logistics and freight industry, advancing and enhancing supply chain transparency, and enabling trusted global freight, fleet and logi…

RoadLaunch - 3Open Alliance & Corporate Program

Pleased to share the announcement of the Industry Alliance & Corporate Program with 3Open in Milton Ontario, Canada Check out the link to engage the easy 4 step process of engagement.

RoadLaunch - Techapeek Article

Great article that notes and our use of IBM Blockchain Smart Contracts for Intelligent Logistics. Thanks to Techapeek and their slogan is correct, "build it and they will come"!

FactR - Listed on several Stellar based exchanges (DEX)

FactR on several exchanges now (Stellar DEX)! check out today for details.

#FTR Token for Logistics, Get 10 free FTR when creating a trust line here:

RoadLaunch - Nokia OpEN Ecosystem

Pleased to report that RoadLaunch has been published tot he Nokia OpEN Ecosystem as a solutions partner!

Please visit for details.