RoadLaunch / FactR & SeaRates

After a long dialogue, starting from July 2018, SeaRates and Roadlaunch teams reached a consensus and identified key points of cooperation. Founder and CEO Cory Skinner first wrote about signing an MOU.

Cory Skinner, founder and CEO of RoadLaunch, notes: “SeaRates is a proven platform that provides visibility of instant quotes for multimodal transportation on a global scale. RoadLaunch is pleased to offer certified carriers and Blockchain-based transaction management, which is an exciting step forward in the shipping industry. ”
Using RoadLaunch and SeaRates, permits-based data negotiation and smart contract sharing across the supply chain will provide leading real-time interaction with transport service providers, including approval processes, supply chain financing and integrated logistics services from warehouse to door, including surface transportation. With the help of Blockchain and IoT support, we can achieve end-to-end digitized visibility of productivity online, reducing friction in global trade and transactions, within a single transparent, unchanging and secure platform.

In the future, both projects will exchange tariff information with each other and grow together, involving more participants in the global transport process. If you have a suggestion or question regarding all of the above, please write to


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