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MoU - FactR and Consol Freight

Excited to announce the signing of an MoU and partnership of FactR Limited with Consol Freight ( to work towards integration FactR.

This forward thinking partnership  of FactR, the Stellar Based digital wallet platform for cross border payments, will bring strength and flexibility to payment options for Consol's customers.

Exciting times ahead!
Next Generation Logistics Platform and Cross Border Settlement Solution enter Joint Venture & commercial agreement in LATAM for Blockchain based solutions and Professional Services

RoadLaunch ( and AOS ( has signed a commercial agreement and reached a strategic partnership and formally created a Joint Venture and legal entity “CornerStone Blockchain Solutions S.A.S”. This is JV works towards develop and market readiness for both Blockchain enabled platforms for intelligent logistics, with Smart Contracts for instant settlement, as well as covering healthcare, insurance, fintech, and, medtech in LATAM