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Infiniti - RoadLaunch and FactR CEO and Founder, Cory Skinner mentioned

Seamless and Sophisticated

Meet Cory Skinner, Founder of RoadLaunch. Cory took part in the Validate program in Toronto and has since gone on to great heights with a successful merger and launch of FactR

RoadLaunch / FactR - New Market in Dubai, UAE!

Global partnership in e-commerce & Blockchain to empower companies in cross border fruit trading and Logistics

RoadLaunch (, FactR ( and E-Fresco ( have signed a multi-year partnership to bring trust, trace-ability and integration of Blockchain enabled platforms for intelligent logistics. Leveraging Smart Contracts for instant settlement in Dubai and surrounding areas, this partnership facilitates friction-less trade from farm to fork for time-sensitive fruit, and vegetables, with automation, and seamless importer/exporter workflows.